Energy3 mUHTS


The Energy³ mUHTS is designed to meet all the energy needs of householders, small commercial businesses, and energy intensive users. It stores 100 kWh of energy when it is inexpensive, taking advantage of time-of-use tariffs, and then outputs this energy in the form of heating, hot water, and electricity, when required.

Early stage render


  • Owners who currently pay peak rates of 25p/KWh can purchase and store energy at 5p/KWh taking advantage of time-of-use tariffs. Additionally, excess energy can be exported back to the grid, taking advantage of the new ‘Smart Export Guarantee’. Under previous regulations, this would have generated £450 per year for an average family home in addition to reduced energy costs.
  • Positive environmental impact as capable of being fully reliant on renewable energy sources like solar and wind and is constructed from abundant and recyclable materials.
  • An energy supply is guaranteed as the Energy³ can burn gas (natural or green hydrogen) or alternative fuels if the thermal store depleted. Additionally, the Energy³ can operate without a grid connection.
  • Resilient to rate of usage and can be charged and discharged at any rate without degradation or a reduction in the system lifetime of 25 - 100 years.
  • High-grade heat (up to 900°C) can be directly extracted for energy intensive processes.


Inexpensive electricity is used to heat up the inside of the Energy3 mUHTS to 900°C. A unique insulation structure ensures that so little heat escapes that the surface of the Energy³ mUHTS is safe to touch. A gas-to-liquid heat exchanger can heat incoming water to 80°C to provide space heating and hot water. When needed, the heat from the Energy³ mUHTS drives a turbine and generator to produce electricity.

Technical Details

  • Total capacity of 100 kWh in sensible heat. This can be extracted as heat, electricity, or a combination of both.
  • Electricity output of 3.8 kW with 22% plus micro turbine efficiency.
  • Each unit is 1m 3 and is installed externally, or in a basement with appropriate ventilation.
  • Stackable, multiple units can be combined for increased capacity. Larger 30 MWh shipping container unit in development.
  • Fully charges in approximately 4hrs with a 100A connection or 2 hrs with a 200A conntection. 100% efficient charging as each unit of electrical energy is directly converted into a unit of thermal energy.
  • Excellent thermal insulation with a maximum energy loss less than 2 kWh per day.
  • Connected to existing heating and hot water infrastructure through existing heating pipes and 100A or 200A electrical connection.
  • Compatible with both AC and DC charging.
  • Can be integrated with existing renewable technologies, i.e. trickle charge with solar.

Energy³ Animation

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