Energy3 megaUHTS


The Energy3 megaUHTS is a modular thermal energy storage system capable of storing 40 MWh in a 40 foot shipping container and is charged using electricity. The Energy3 megaUHTS offers a low-cost route to mass energy storage on the giga-watt scale.


  • This 40 MWh of thermal energy can be extracted as heat and hot water, or electricity if coupled with a gas or steam turbine.
  • Can be integrated with district heating schemes to provide heating and hot water.
  • Chargeable in 30 minutes with a 67 MW connection.
  • Competing electrochemical energy storage systems that provide electricity have limited lifetimes (approximately 10 years). The thermal energy storage system is predicted to last 25 - 100 years.


The Energy3 megaUHTS is heated up to 900°C. A unique insulation structure ensures that so little heat escapes that the surface is safe to touch. Heat is extracted by a solid-to-gas heat exchanger. When needed, the heat from the EnergymegaUHTS drives a turbine and generator to produce electricity.

Technical Details

  • The core of the Energy3 megaUHTS has an energy density over 800 kWh/m3 exceeding existing electrochemical technologies
  • Excellent thermal insulation with a maximum energy loss of 220 kWh per day, (less than 0.6% per day).
  • Response time to produce electricity can range from 15 mins with a gas turbine to 45 mins with a steam turbine.
  • Electricity generation efficiencies up to 62% due to high temperature storage.
  • Fitted with low-pressure loss, high effectiveness, solid-to-gas heat exchangers.